GrowthHero makes it easy for your affiliates to drive more sales with frictionless Shopify discount codes. Try it for free and make your affiliate marketing easier to manage and more profitable.

GrowthHero Shopify Affiliate Marketing App

Convert Store Visitors into Customers with Irresistible Discounts

Affiliate marketing is a great driver of brand awareness and sales, especially if you have an incentive for your partner’s audience. But while shoppers love discount codes, sometimes they find them tedious to redeem. Plus, it can be tricky to set up and track codes.

If you have a Shopify store and an affiliate program, GrowthHero will help your affiliates drive more conversions with compelling discount codes that are easy to redeem.

Drive More Sales with Affiliate Discount Codes

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.

How GrowthHero Works

Your partner signs up for your affiliate program

Set up your affiliate program in minutes and specify the reward type and value, then set up a discount code for your affiliate partner.

Your partner promotes your Shopify store

As your partner drives traffic to your Shopify store, visitors will see a prompt for a discount code.

Customers redeem the discount code

As they place an order, new customers will redeem their Shopify discount code during checkout. Each purchase that includes that discount is linked to your partner.

You make sales and your affiliate earns a commission

Success! Track affiliate sales from your GrowthHero dashboard and send a payout to your partner via PayPal or a wire transfer. Using GrowthHero is a win-win for both of you.

GrowthHero Top Shopify Discount App

Discover the Features of GrowthHero and Improve Your Shopify Affiliate Marketing

There’s much more to GrowthHero than setting up discount codes. It’s a comprehensive Shopify affiliate marketing app that helps you make the most out of your affiliate network. Key features include:

Affiliate Management

Track Shopify Affiliate Sales with GrowthHero

Managing your partners with GrowthHero is easy. Track affiliate sales, automatically generate commissions, organize partners by groups, set up partner tiers, and turn customers into brand ambassadors – all from your dashboard. 

Groups and Rewards

Organize your affiliates into groups and set up different rewards for specific types of partners and customers.Shopify Discount Code App Edit Groups in GrowthHero

Referral Program

Convert customers into ambassadors with a post-purchase modal in the order thank you page. Set up simple referral codes and sweet rewards to motivate partners and expand your outreach.

Shopify Referral Program App

Multi-Level Marketing

Your partners can recruit new affiliates to grow your network and earn additional commissions.

Analytics and Insights

Monitor the performance of your affiliates and uncover customer insights to optimize conversions and further increase revenue.

Custom features

If you’d like to request a feature that matches your specific needs, let us know and we’ll be happy to add a custom feature for you.

Apps that GrowthHero Integrates with

  • PayPal
  • SendGrid
  • Zapier
  • Buy Button
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • And more!

Drive More Sales with Affiliate Discount Codes

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.


Why Choose GrowthHero?

GrowthHero App

Simple Onboarding

Set up your affiliate program in minutes with no technical skills required. You can easily migrate from apps like Goaffpro, Refersion, Affiliatly, and many more.

Frictionless discount codes

Create Shopify discount codes that are easy to redeem. This frictionless buying experience makes affiliate marketing more profitable for you.

On-brand Affiliate Programs

Customize the look and content of affiliate pages to match your branding.

One-Click Registration

Let customers become affiliate partners by providing them with a single link to click through. No forms to fill out.

Word-Class Support

Our support team and your dedicated representative are available to help you anytime – as often mentioned in our review

Thousands of Shopify Stores Are Using GrowthHero

“The first affordable “share and earn discount” program I found after 3 years (!) of building shops Shopify and WooComerce. Other apps are super expensive or miss critical features. Plus, Mike and team were super helpful with explaining the affiliate discount settings and helping me make the CSS code pixel perfect.”

Extra Joss

“My favorite feature is the partners’ page where it warms up my audience to my products and offers better than any affiliate app in the market place. That alone has boosted our conversions. The team is responsive and helpful. This is your affiliate answer!”

Logan Rogers, Founder @ GratiCards

“This app is so easy! Now I can manage my ambassadors perfectly. In the first 4 days I have increased sales and I think this is only the beginning!!

Simon and team are really diligent and quick and supported me in all the steps. I highly recommend both the App and the Team, much more now that I am having results in such a short period of time!”


Drive More Sales with Affiliate Discount Codes

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.


Can my partner have several discount codes?

Yes, you can attach additional codes to your partner.

Are discount codes automatically created?

Yes. You can set up GrowthHero to automatically generate a random discount code for a partner once they sign up for your affiliate program. If you want your partner to have a custom discount code, you can change it or allow them to determine it during sign-up. You can also allow them to change it later.

Can I track affiliate orders through links instead of discount codes?

Absolutely. You can track affiliate orders with a simple tracking link instead of a discount code.

Can I use discount codes from another app?

Yes, you can! If your affiliate partners already have discount codes from another app, you can still use and track them with GrowthHero. You simply need to attach an existing code to the corresponding partner so they won’t have to use new codes.

Can I have more than one affiliate program?

Yes, you can run as many affiliate programs as you want.

What are the pricing plans of GrowthHero?

GrowthHero has a 30-day free trial. After that, pricing starts at $39/month. You can see all pricing plans on this page.

Use Shopify Discount Codes to Boost Conversions and Revenue from Your Affiliate Network

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