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Find Affiliates

Our suite of tools helps you find new affiliates to grow your network. Keeping your list of affiliates fresh will give you exposure to more blogging sites and social media platforms, which will result in more exposure that leads to more customers. GrowthHero lets you both proactively seek new affiliates, while also offering tools for affiliate partners to find you.

Affiliate Hunt

Discover and get in  contact directly with affiliates such as bloggers or website owners, who publish in your niche.

Marketplace Listings

List your affiliate program on GrowthHero’s Marketplace Listings and let affiliates find you.

Multi-Level Marketing

Incentivise your affiliates to recruit other affiliates within their network, on your behalf.

Manage Affiliates

With GrowthHero, it’s easy to manage your affiliate partners, whether they’re bloggers, influencers, or other brands. The app automates the most tedious parts of managing your affiliate program, so you can spend less time worrying about your partners, payouts, and performance – and more time focusing on the most valuable parts of your business.

edit program form

Affiliate Programs

Create unlimited Affiliate Programs, and fully customize deals, commission, payouts and more.

Partners & Payouts

Manage, pay and customize specific settings when working with individual affiliate partners. 


View, analyse and verify affiliate-referred sales, ensuring that they are authentic and approved by you.

Partner Portal

Your partners have their own portal to work with you. Customize your brand, layout and other elements your partners will interact with.

Email Automation

Automate essential recurring emails with affiliate partners. Customize to be on brand, and in your own tone of voice.

Fraud Prevention

Available 3 Fraud filters: Same email address, same first and last name, and when partner and customer refer each other.

Merchants API

For premium users, get a completely versatile Affiliate Marketing experience, with our market leading API


Allows real-time communication between affiliates and merchants.

Partner Tiers

Motivate Affiliates

How to get your affiliates to keep promoting you over and over again? Get the most out of the affiliates that you have already. Keep your brand, store and products fresh and on your affiliate’s agenda by updating and evolving your offering on GrowthHero’s set of tools to motivate affiliates.

Partner Tiers

Motivate your affiliates with affiliate program ‘levels’. The more they sell, the better their incentives, commission, offers etc. You decide!


Have a seasonal campaign, a special promotion or something else your affiliates can promote?  Get your affiliates involved.

Marketing Resources

Create images, graphics, messaging, social media posts and many more assets, for your affiliates to reuse on their own platform.

Affiliates API

Tools for your larger/ more tech capable affiliates to work more effectively with you.

Optimize Affiliate Program

GrowthHero’s optimization focused features not only present you with valuable insights into your affiliates performance, but also the opportunity to customize it yourself. Increase conversion rates, improve partner engagement, and ultimately boost sales, with these tools, you’ll quickly be able to optimize your affiliate program, and the results will follow.

Analytics module


Make sure you know how your affiliates, partner programs, sales, links and everything else between are performing.

Subscription Tracking

Track and reward referred recurring charges.

Pixel Script Tracking

To start tracking referral links and engagements, users need to install the GrowthHero pixel script onto their website.

Discount Codes

Available if your program is integrated with Stripe. 

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