Tap into the power of affiliate marketing by encouraging your customers to become Shopify brand ambassadors. GrowthHero helps 1,000+ stores build trust and drive sales through affiliates. Try it for 30 days for free.

Convert Customer into Shopify Brand Ambassador with GrowthHero

Convert Customers into Brand Ambassadors and Sell More

Brand ambassador marketing works wonders for growing your Shopify store. Ambassadors promote your brand, build trust, and drive sales.

GrowthHero is a top-rated app that helps you build and manage your affiliate program. You can use it to encourage customers to become Shopify brand ambassadors who drive sales to earn rewards.

Drive More Sales with Shopify Brand Ambassadors

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.

How to Use GrowthHero as a Shopify Brand Ambassador App

Step 1: Start a GrowthHero account

Create a free trial account and set up your referral program in minutes. Set up enticing commissions, let customers join, and provide them with referral links or discount codes to promote your products.

Step 2: Customers join your refer-a-friend program

Invite your raving customers to become Shopify brand ambassadors by activating the post-purchase modal which allows customers to join your referral program simply by clicking on a link. (learn more about other methods of inviting partners here).

Step 3: Your customers refer their friends and family

Your customers start recommending your brand and products to friends and family using the referral link or discount code you have provided them.

Step 4: Track affiliate sales

Track the sales made thanks to your customers from your GrowthHero dashboard. You can set GrowthHero to calculate commissions in different ways.

Step 5: Reward your customers for promoting your brand

Your sales increase and your partner receives a sweet reward for promoting your brand and products.

GrowthHero Top Shopify Brand Ambassador App

Manage All Facets of Affiliate Marketing with GrowthHero

GrowthHero is more than a Shopify brand ambassador app – you can use it to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

Manage Your Affiliate Partners

Manage all your partners – including your brand ambassadors – easily. Track sales, analyze data, set up programs, partner tiers, and rewards.

Track Shopify Affiliate Sales with GrowthHero


Keep Your Affiliate Marketing On-Brand

Change the style and content of affiliate pages to match your branding without needing any coding skills. You can also embed an affiliate portal inside your domain and provide resources your partners can use to promote your products.

GrowthHero Shopify Affiliate App Custom Branding


Create Campaigns

Encourage your partners to keep promoting your products by launching campaigns that offer rewards. Partners can submit blog posts or reach a set goal to earn rewards like money bonuses.


GrowthHero Shopify Ambassador App Campaigns


Multi-Level Marketing

GrowthHero allows you to build an MLM network where existing affiliates can recruit new affiliates to reach a larger customer base and earn additional commissions.

Analytics and Insights

Track your sales data and gather customer insights to optimize conversions and boost revenue.

GrowthHero Integrates with

  • PayPal
  • SendGrid
  • Zapier
  • Buy Button
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • And more!

What You Can Expect from GrowthHero

GrowthHero App


Quick, Easy Onboarding

Set up your brand ambassador program quickly and easily. You can migrate for free from other Shopify affiliate apps like Affiliatly, LeadDyno, AiTrillion, etc.

One-Click Registration

Customers can become affiliate partners simply by clicking on a link – it doesn’t get easier than that. Learn more about this process here.

Custom Features

We can develop custom features that address your unique needs and let you make the most out of GrowthHero.

Stellar Support

Have a question? Need help with an issue? Just reach out and our support team will promptly get back to you. GrowthHero users often praise our responsiveness.

What Shopify Stores Have to Say

“This app is so easy! Now I can manage my ambassadors perfectly. In the first 4 days I have increased sales and I think this is only the beginning!!

Simon and team are really diligent and quick and supported me in all the steps. I highly recommend both the App and the Team, much more now that I am having results in such a short period of time!”


“It was a real task to find the right brand ambassador program. Happy with my decision to go with Growth Hero. Easy to customize interface and Simon from support is incredible. Literally replies within 5 minutes with a great response to any question. Would recommend.”


“GrowthHero is exactly what you need from an affiliate growth app. The team have clearly understood why and how Shopify store owners want to use affiliate-powered growth and focused on these features. It is clear & simple to use, especially compared to the other apps we tried and quickly deleted. HIGHLY recommended.”


Drive More Sales with Shopify Brand Ambassadors

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my affiliate partners into GrowthHero?

Yes! You can import your affiliate data to GrowthHero using a CSV file. To do that, contact our Support Team and they will assist you throughout this process.

How do I pay my brand ambassadors?

You can pay brand ambassadors in two main ways. You can send mass payments to all your partners via PayPal, or you can send single payments in a variety of ways (PayPal, cash, bank transfer, etc.). For more specific details on how to pay your Shopify affiliates, visit the GrowthHero help center.

Can I run several affiliate programs?

Definitely. You can have as many affiliate programs as you want in GrowthHero.

What are the pricing plans for GrowthHero?

GrowthHero has three plans, priced respectively at $49/month, $99/month, and $199/month. Note that you can try any plan for free for 30 days. You can learn all the details about our paid plans on our pricing page.

Your relationship with customers isn’t limited to orders and reviews. Use GrowthHero to convert them into Shopify Brand Ambassadors and keep growing your eCommerce business.

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