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Build Shopify Referral Program with GrowthHero

Convert Your Customers into Affiliate Partners Who Help Sell Your Products

What if you could easily turn your customers into partners who refer their friends and family to your products? You would reach a larger pool of potential customers with no upfront cost, and your sales would grow quickly.

GrowthHero helps you achieve that by building a Shopify referral program that encourages customers to become partners. They can easily join your program and earn rewards for promoting your brand and products.

Drive More Sales with Your Shopify Referral Program

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.

How GrowthHero’s Referral Program Works

1. Set up your Shopify referral program

Set up your affiliate program in minutes – no coding needed. Specify the reward and create a referral link or a discount code that your customer can use when they refer friends and family.

2. Invite your customer to join your referral program

You can invite your customer in a variety of ways (learn more here). Each method is simple and fast – choose the one you like. Once a customer joins your program (it only takes a single click), they will receive an email with their unique referral link or discount code which they can share with friends and family.

3. Your customer refers friends and family

As your customer – now your partner – refers friends and family to your Shopify store, traffic increases, and new orders are placed.

4. Track the sales made thanks to your partner

New orders are coming in! Every sale made through your partner is easy to track from your dashboard.

5. Your revenue increases and your partner earns a commission

Boom! Your sales increase and your partner receives a sweet reward for promoting your brand and products.

GrowthHero Top Shopify Discount App

GrowthHero Has Many Other Features to Help You Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

The referral program is only one of GrowthHero’s many features. This is a comprehensive Shopify affiliate marketing app that helps you grow your affiliate network. Key features include:

Affiliate Management

Manage your affiliate partners easily. Track sales, generate commissions automatically, set up programs, partner tiers, and rewards from your GrowthHero dashboard.

Track Shopify Affiliate Sales with GrowthHero

Programs and Rewards

Set up different programs for your partner or customers, each with its own specific rewards.
GrowthHero Shopify Referral App Edit Groups


Encourage affiliate partners to promote your brand by launching campaigns with enticing rewards like money bonuses. For instance, they can submit blog posts or generate a specific amount in sales.

GrowthHero Shopify Referral App Campaigns

Multi-Level Marketing

Build a tiered marketing network where your partners can recruit new affiliates to earn additional commissions.

Analytics and Insights

Track your sales and let data work for you to surface consumer insights you can then leverage to optimize conversions and increase your store’s performance.

Need a Custom Feature? Just Ask

You can always request a custom feature that addresses your specific needs. Reach out to us and we’ll discuss your needs to add a feature unique to your store.

Apps that GrowthHero Integrates with

  • PayPal
  • SendGrid
  • Zapier
  • Buy Button
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • And more!

Drive More Sales with Your Shopify Referral Program

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.


Why Choose GrowthHero?

GrowthHero App

Simple Onboarding

Set up your referral program in minutes with zero coding knowledge required. Migrate for free from other Shopify affiliate apps like Refersion, Shoutout, ReferralCandy, etc.

One-Click Registration

Customers can become affiliate partners without filling out any form. All they need to do is to click on a single link you give them.

On-brand Affiliate Programs

Customize the look and content of affiliate pages to match your branding.

Word-Class Support

Our support team is always available to help you and answer your questions.

More than 1,000 Shopify Stores Are Using GrowthHero

“Holy Moses! This app is the holy grail of Affiliate Marketing Apps. It does EVERYTHING you need to set up any sort of referral program. The features and customizability combined with the super affordable price of this app are beyond anything we’ve seen and what you sometimes don’t even get with 500USD/per month and upwards affiliate platforms. Support (Thank you Simon) is also super fast and the help pages are super easy to read and understandable. Keep up the great work and this app, please. It’s a lifesaver for small businesses :)”


“My favorite feature is the partners’ page where it warms up my audience to my products and offers better than any affiliate app in the marketplace. That alone has boosted our conversions. The team is responsive and helpful. This is your affiliate answer!”


“I tried a couple of referral programs before landing on GH. It’s flexible to different payment schemes, has some nice features like payment tiers, and it’s much easier to modify the emails and portal pages than other systems. On top of that, support was extremely personal and helpful, diving into my code for me and helping to install. Highly recommended.”

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Drive More Sales with Your Shopify Referral Program

GrowthHero makes it easy to manage all your affiliate marketing efforts in one place.


Can I import my existing partners into GrowthHero?

Absolutely! You can bring your affiliate data from a CSV file. Simply contact our Support Team and they will take care of the process for you.

How will my partners get paid?

To pay your partners, you can choose between mass payments to all of your partners via PayPal or single payments via a number of methods (PayPal, cash, bank transfer, etc.). You can read more details here.

Can I have more than one affiliate program?

Yes, you can have as many affiliate programs as you want.

How much does it cost to use GrowthHero?

GrowthHero has a 30-day free trial. After that, pricing starts at $49/month. You can see all our pricing plans on this page.

Let Customers Become Affiliate Partners and Grow Your Shopify Store to New Heights!

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