GrowthHero empowers you to create images, graphics, messaging, social media posts and many more assets for your partners to reuse on their own platform.

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Attract More Partners by Offering Free Marketing Resources

You know that partner programs have content marketing at their core, as it’s a key part of motivating and engaging your affiliates and influencers. That’s why it’s key to have quality copy, graphics, video, and other creative elements at your fingertips, ready to put into action.

This is where marketing resources come in. Of course, you’ll want to tailor and tweak the content you put out in the world to connect with your partners – after all, you know them best. But, by using GrowthHero‘s resources as your influencer or affiliate partner management starting point, it’s so easy to create that content because you’re saving time and effort on branding, standard messaging and other common elements of your assets. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch every time you want to create and send out new content.

Your partners will see better performance, conversions and brand awareness with our professional, cohesive and well-designed resources they can incorporate into blogs, social media and other channels.

But how do they use these resources? Read on to find out.

GrowthHero Makes it Easy for Partners to Reuse Your Assets on Their Platform

affiliate promotions

As you work on your partner program with GrowthHero, you’ll need images, graphics, and messaging prepared for your affiliates or influencers to utilize for their promotions.

Doing this makes it so much easier for your influencers or affiliates to promote your brand – all they have to do is share the content and spread the word. Having a central location for these assets (your site) also gives you more control over your branding and the peace of mind that what’s being shared is consistent, reliable and true.

Having marketing resources prepared for your partners also means they can:

  • Post and share their own Facebook and Twitter posts to their social media profiles with the click of a button in their portal.
  • Use other types of media to gain traction for your brand, like banners and text messages.

Next up, learn how to easily craft your very own marketing assets for affiliates or influencers to promote your brand.

Create Marketing Assets for Your Partners to Reuse

GrowthHero helps you create images, graphics, messaging, social media posts and much more for your affiliates & influencers to easily reuse and promote your brand on their platform.

How to Customize Your Brand’s Marketing Resources with GrowthHero

To make your own marketing assets for your partners to use:

  • Log in to GrowthHero and head to Marketing Resources.
  • Create a new resource by selecting New Source, on the page’s bottom right side.

You can choose from several options, like social media posts, banners, text messages and more, under these two categories:

  1. Name
  2. Type

new marketing resource

Creating a Facebook post for your partners to reuse

For example, if you want to create a Facebook Post resource:

  • In the Post destination URL field, enter the site’s URL you want to include in the post. For instance,
  • In the Post body section, type the message you’d like to see in the Facebook post.

Optional: by checking the Primary option, you’ll display the resource on your partner’s dashboard. Keep in mind, you can only choose one post per resource type as primary.

  • Complete the fields you’d like and hit Save. From there you’ll be automatically directed to your finished resource panel:

marketing resource panel

  • Be sure everything looks correct, then test your resource out by clicking the Post on Facebook button.
why use affiliate marketing assets

Marketing assets FAQs

Why do affiliate and influencer programs provide marketing assets?

Affiliate marketers and influencers use content marketing to engage viewers and hold their interest through high-quality copy, graphics, video, and other creative assets. GrowthHero provides these resources as a starting point to create content for your partner’s blogs, social media and other channels. With affiliate and influencer assets, they’ll get improved performance, conversions and brand awareness over time.

What are the benefits of using partner marketing assets?

With marketing assets, your partners can promote your brand easily since they just share information and spark conversation. When you use your site as a single source point for these assets, you gain more control over your branding and can relax knowing that what’s being shared is true, consistent and well-designed.

What kind of marketing assets can I make with GrowthHero?

You can create social media posts (e.g. for Facebook and Twitter), banners, text messages and other assets through GrowthHero’s marketing resources.

How can I use GrowthHero’s ready-made marketing resources?

Log in to GrowthHero and head to Marketing Resources. Select New Source on the bottom right side to create a new resource from many options under “Name” or “Type”, including social media posts.

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