At this point, you probably have a group of affiliates who love your products and recommend them to their friends, customers or followers. You are hoping that they will do their best to promote your business and that they will get your sales rising constantly. Having trusted affiliates is surely what makes your Affiliate Marketing reliable, but what really boosts the sales is having motivated affiliates.

The first thing that usually comes to one’s mind when it comes to motivation is a reward. For your affiliates, their regular reward is the commission they get from the orders they refer. You may think that adjusting a proper commission level is enough to keep your affiliates going. Unfortunately, it can turn out to be a pretty tricky task – too low commissions won’t be worth the effort for your affiliates. Too high commissions, on the other hand, may not encourage your affiliates to expand their customer group. The other thing about increasing the commission level is that it can be a significant cost for your business. And the motivation will last only until your affiliates get used to the new level.

So, is there a way to keep affiliates motivated for a longer period of time and at a lower cost? There surely is and with GrowthHero’s Campaigns tool it may be simpler than you would think!

Make each order count

The first steps can be tricky and even though your affiliates were eager to join you, once they do so, the excitement may fall. Creating a dedicated campaign for your new affiliates could be a great way to encourage them and give them extra credit for their effort. Create the first goal they will be able to reach quickly enough and adjust the reward that will give them satisfaction. On their dashboard, they will see a progress bar that will indicate how close they are to reaching the goal! Take a look at how easy it is for affiliates to track their progress in a campaign:

Time-limited offers

Whether it is Black Friday or Summer Sale, time-limited offers are a great way to boost your sales and to promote your business. So why not involve your affiliates? Create a campaign and let your affiliates know how much time they have to reach the goal. Remember to close the campaign at the end of the event. Keep up the performance by creating several themed campaigns during a year.

Conquer social media

Many brands benefit from cooperating with influencers especially when promoting their newest products. Encourage your affiliates to create a post and recommend your business to their followers. Submission type campaigns can help you collect links to your affiliates’ social media posts and decide whether you want to approve or reject the submission for each affiliate.

Get creative

Campaigns are a great tool to boost up the motivation in your affiliates’ team and they can be used I’m many ways. Wondering what else they can be done with them and how easy they are? See our ideas and tutorial here.

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