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GrowthHero Bigcommerce App

Looking for a BigCommerce App to Build Your Partner Network?

If you sell your products on a BigCommerce site and you want to take growth to the next level with affiliate marketing, then you need an app built specifically for that purpose.

But not all affiliate apps do the job perfectly. In fact, some apps are missing important features, while others give you little control over affiliate programs. Moreover, other apps can be expensive or user-hostile.

So if you have been looking for a BigCommerce app that lets you manage your affiliate marketing without headaches, give GrowthHero a try.

Launch Your Affiliate Program in Minutes with GrowthHero

Manage all your affiliate programs and partners in one place and grow your BigCommerce store to new heights.

Supercharge Your Growth with Affiliate Marketing

There is so much revenue waiting to be made from affiliate partners in your industry. Think of the influencers, bloggers, website owners, and email marketers whose audiences overlap with yours.

Now imagine the potential results you could achieve with affiliate partners:

  • Increase customer outreach
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Acquire new customers
  • Engage and retain customers
  • Grow your presence in more markets

Overall, partnering with affiliates will help your BigCommerce store expand its reach and become more profitable.

GrowthHero Bigcommerce Affiliate App

But finding the right partners is only half the battle. The other half consists of setting up campaigns, creating links and codes, tracking sales, managing affiliates, calculating commissions, sending payouts, protecting your business from fraudsters… and a whole lot more.

To do all of this effectively and without running into roadblocks, you need the right tool, one that’s easy to use and covers all aspects of affiliate marketing. GrowthHero is that tool.

How Does GrowthHero Work?

Setting up GrowthHero as your BigCommerce affiliate app is a simple process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free trial GrowthHero account then access your dashboard.
  2. Create then customize your affiliate pages without any coding then embed your affiliate portal in your BigCommerce website.
  3. Set up your campaigns, rewards, and payouts.
  4. Have affiliate partners sign up for your program. You can also import existing partners using a CSV file.
  5. Start managing your affiliate partners and tracking their performance as they promote your products, then send them payouts.

Also, if you need help with anything, our support team is ready to provide call support, live chat, and helpdesk support at any time.

Launch Your Affiliate Program in Minutes with GrowthHero

Manage all your affiliate programs and partners in one place and grow your BigCommerce store to new heights.

GrowthHero Has All the Affiliate Marketing Features You Need

White-label affiliate programs. 

Set up your affiliate program in minutes without coding. Create then customize your affiliate pages to match your branding.

Advanced affiliate management. 

Set up programs and commissions, organize partners by programs, monitor performance, send payouts, and more.

Campaigns and tier-based rewards.

Create campaigns with incentives like discount codes and set up to 10 tiers of rewards. Track affiliate orders with unique links and codes

Email templates & marketing resources.

Give your affiliates email templates, graphics, and other marketing resources to promote your products effectively. 

Referral programs.

Send your customers a one-click link to become affiliate partners who recommend your products to their friends and family. 

Analytics and optimization tools.  Monitor sales and commissions in just a few clicks. Uncover new customer insights to optimize your marketing efforts for further growth.

Why Use GrowthHero As Your Affiliate BigCommerce App?

  • GrowthHero is powering the affiliate programs of 1,000+ online stores
  • Simple onboarding
  • User-friendly UI
  • All-in-one affiliate marketing app
  • Integration with leading email marketing and payment platforms
  • Word-class support
  • You can request custom features

Kind Words from Our Customers

“Holy Moses! This app is the holy grail of Affiliate Marketing Apps. It does EVERYTHING you need to set up any sort of referral program. The features and customizability combined with the super affordable price of this app are beyond anything we’ve seen and what you sometimes don’t even get with 500USD/per month and upwards affiliate platforms. Support (Thank you Simon) is also super fast and the help pages are super easy to read and understandable. Keep up the great work and this app, please. It’s a lifesaver for small businesses :)”


“GrowthHero has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic, the partner dashboard gives our affiliates confidence in our growing brand and the admin dashboard allows us to easily make changes. If we ever have any issues, support is always ready to help.”

Jack Williams

Founder @ GMR Wear

“My favorite feature is the partners’ page where it warms up my audience to my products and offers better than any affiliate app in the marketplace. That alone has boosted our conversions. The team is responsive and helpful. This is your affiliate answer!”

Logan Rogers

Founder @ GratiCards

Launch Your Affiliate Program in Minutes with GrowthHero

Manage all your affiliate programs and partners in one place and grow your BigCommerce store to new heights.


GrowthHero FAQ

Can I run multiple affiliate programs?

Absolutely! You can create as many affiliate programs as you want.

How can I pay my affiliate partners?

You can either send mass payments to all your partners via PayPal, or you can pay them separately. Specifically, you can send an individual payment in a variety of ways, including PayPal, cash, a bank transfer, and also a discount code. To learn more about paying affiliate partners, read this page.

Can GrowthHero protect my business against fraud?

Yes. GrowthHero helps you prevent affiliates from committing fraud such as selling products back to themselves to earn rewards. You can easily enable fraud protection settings like blocking rewards when the email addresses of the customer and affiliate are the same. Learn more about fraud protection settings here.

How much does it cost to use GrowthHero?

Our pricing for BigCommerce websites starts with the Pro Plan at 99$/month. Upgrading to our Premium Plan, which is priced at $199/month, will give you access to unlimited partner orders, partner programs, and admin seats alongside other advanced features. You can try any of our plans for 30 days for free. Learn more about our pricing on this page.

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