Want to give your affiliate partners a superior experience? With GrowthHero, your affiliates access a personalized dashboard, track their success and access marketing resources in one convenient location: the Partner Portal. 

growthhero partner portal

What Your Partners Get Access to in the Partner Portal

With GrowthHero you can completely customize the look and feel of your Partner Portal, adding your brand’s color scheme, logo, and more using our drag and drop editor. That way, when your affiliate partners log in to the portal, they have a consistent, interactive experience with your brand.

The Partner Portal allows your affiliates to:

  • Get an overview of their performance, see important notifications, and access their affiliate links and discount codes
  • View how successful their marketing efforts have been with analytics on clicks, orders, and sales
  • View orders they’ve referred to your store/brand
  • Keep track of commissions due, and commissions paid
  • Access important marketing resources and campaigns provided by your program
  • Contact you via email
  • Get access to free marketing resources 
Watch your sales grow with GrowthHero! 

Offer Your Partners the Tools They Need to Promote Your Products

From marketing resources to detailed analytics, each of your partners will get their own personal partner portal.

How the Partner Portal Helps Your Affiliates Succeed

Marketing Resources & Campaigns

When your affiliate partners succeed, so do you, which is why it’s so important to provide them with the resources they need to promote your products. With GrowthHero, you can create custom marketing campaigns, images, graphics, messaging, social media posts and more for your affiliates to reuse on their platforms. All of these assets will be available to your affiliates in the Partner Portal.

growthhero affiliate partner portal

Detailed Analytics Reports 

The Partner Portal also allows your affiliates to take a deep dive into their performance through detailed analytics, which help them identify areas of improvement (AKA, more revenue opportunities for both of you).

The Partner Portal offers analytics on affiliate link clicks, total sales, orders, and more.


Are you working with larger affiliates?

GrowthHero offers a suite of APIs, which larger affiliates love. Partners can connect to your program, their portal and export key information into their own 3rd party tools and dashboards externally. They can export

  • Orders insights
  • Payout insights
  • New payment notifications
  • New marketing resources notifications
  • New campaigns notifications

& more…

growth hero partner portal

Help Your Affiliates Promote Your Products

Your affiliate partners can analyze clicks, orders, sales, and earnings data to track their own success with the Partner Portal.

And remember: your affiliate partner’s success is your success.

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